Republicans and Democrats agree that Biden’s infrastructure plan will be for $ 1.2 trillion

15 minutes. US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that Republican and Democratic senators reached an agreement on his infrastructure plan, valued at $ 1.2 trillion, which will create “millions of jobs.”

We have reached an agreement, “said the president at the White House surrounded by the group of senators. Biden’s voluminous investment plan will modernize the aging infrastructure network in the United States.

The deal comes after months of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats. Now, it must be ratified in Congress.

According to data provided by the White House in a statement, the plan will be valued at 1.2 trillion dollars over 8 years. It includes new investments in infrastructure worth 579,000 million dollars.

Among these new investments, there are 312,000 million dollars that will go to the transportation sector for projects of roads, bridges, railways, electric buses, ports and airports, among others.

Millions of jobs

The proposal also allocates 266,000 million dollars to new investments for “other infrastructures.” For example, the water system, broadband and mitigating the impact of the climate crisis.

Biden indicated that the infrastructure plan will allow “the creation of millions of jobs.” Specifically, in the reconstruction of ports, airports, bridges and highways.

It is a “great step” in pulse with China

“This agreement sends the signal to the world that we can function, deliver results, and do meaningful things“Biden assured.

He also said that the pact represents “the largest investment in public transportation in US history.”

We are in a race with China and the rest of the world for the 21st century, and they are not waiting.. They are investing tens of billions of dollars everywhere, “he stressed.

He added that the question for many is whether “democracies can compete with what autocracies do” economically. The agreement just reached in Washington “is a great step” in that sense.

Give in-give in

In previous negotiations, the president had lowered the amount of the plan, which initially placed at 2.3 billion dollars. Republicans considered it excessive.

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, one of the proponents of the proposal, stressed to journalists that all parties had to “give in to something to get something done.”

Progressives have a slim majority in the Senate, so they need at least 10 Republican senators to get the legislation through. This is something that seems feasible given the broad support expressed on Thursday.

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