Minister Celso de Mello, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), sent, this Tuesday) 24) crime news presented by PT parliamentarians against the federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) for analysis by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Representation of deputies against Zambelli goes to the PGR

Photo: Gabriela Biló / Estadão Content

More than thirty PT politicians have filed with the STF, asking for an investigation to be opened to investigate alleged crimes of influence peddling and administrative law by the deputy.

The request was filed at the end of April, days after ex-Justice Minister Sergio Moro released messages in which the deputy tries to convince him to remain in office. Moro left the government claiming that President Jair Bolsonaro tried to interfere politically in the Federal Police. The conversations with Carla Zambelli were included as evidence of the investigation, which also includes statements from the former minister and the deputy.

Upon learning of the imminent resignation request, Zambelli tries to remove Moro from the decision and offers to speak with the president to indicate him to a vacancy in the STF. “Go to the STF in September. I pledge to help. To make JB promise,” wrote Zambelli in a WhatsApp message. “Dear, I’m not for sale,” Moro replies.

It will be up to the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, to analyze the crime news and express his opinion on the request to open an investigation. The decision on whether or not to allow an inquiry against the MP to be initiated will be made by the Dean.

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