Reports of the Halconazo; publish new documents


ANDhe National Institute for Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico (INEHRM) published yesterday on its online portal two books dedicated to the Halconazo.

This is the documentary anthology A 50 años del halconazo, a publication that compiles 72 declassified and public documents on the violent events of June 10, 1971, which gathers telegrams from the United States Embassy and reports from the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA, for its acronym in English) that demonstrate the existence of the paramilitary group called Los Halcones.

And The Corpus Thursday Massacre. Photography and Memory, by Alberto del Castillo Troncoso, researcher at the Mora Institute (Excelsior 06/07/2021), which includes materials from period photojournalists and those contributed by agents of the State intelligence service, from the General Archive of the Nation (AGN).

The latter includes materials from photographers such as Víctor Payán and Fernando Aranzábal, two photographers from Excelsior repressed that June 10, along with the visual work of Enrique Bordes Mangel, Armando Lenin Salgado, the Mayo brothers, Christa Cowrie, Pedro Valtierra and Marco Antonio Cruz, among others.

As for the documentary anthology, it includes data and material contained in repositories of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) and the National Archives of the United States, which consist of the first evidences of the existence of this group of shock that repressed a previous demonstration .

These reports, the INEHRM details, are part of declassified files, such as the case of telegrams from the United States embassy and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The telegrams included in A 50 años del Halconazo began in January 1971, when the US embassy received a request from the Mexican authorities to train a group of police and military in the United States, the compilers detail.

These files also show the political crisis that erupted in the government of Luis Echeverría Álvarez and the vision of the agents since their reports were not intended to be public but only for internal control.

The book A 50 años del Halconazo is divided into five chapters with introductory texts by researchers such as Camilo Vicente Ovalle, Daniel Librado Luna Cárdenas,
Halina Gutiérrez Mariscal, Mariana Gómez Godoy, Miguel Ángel Ramírez Jahuey, José Luis Soto Espinosa and Veremundo Carrillo-Reveles.

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