Report shows that ‘Stop and Frisk’ police practice continues in NYC and 91% of those affected are from minorities

The conclusion of a report by the Legal Aid Society of New York is blunt: the police practice of ‘Stop and Frisk’ (stop and review) that for decades has affected communities of color, took a new breath in 2020, in terms of its action “disproportionate against the minority groups from the city”.

According to recently published data, approximately 91% of arrest and search procedures reported last year involved New Yorkers Black and Hispanic. This appears to be a slight increase from 2018 and 2019, based on data derived from statistics released by the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

The African American New Yorkers they underwent the most reviews at 56.23%, despite representing less than a quarter of the population of New York City. Residents of the Big Apple whom NYPD officials characterized as ‘White Hispanics’ (Latinx) were subjected to 21.48% of all reported shutdowns.

“The truth is, it hasn’t changed enough the way the NYPD interacts with New Yorkers of color, in the poorest neighborhoods, even though the Mayor claims to have ended stops and searches,” he said. Molly griffard, spokesperson for ‘The Legal Aid Society’.

The legal expert argues that the stop-and-search method is still carried out in a “Racially discriminatory” and that it remains highly ineffective in promoting public safety.

In contrast, white new yorkers representing approximately 42.7% of the population of New York City, only understood 8.97% of the procedures of ‘Stop and Frisk’ made in 2020.

The most guarded

Additionally, the Legal Aid Society report details that the majority of these stops took place at precincts located in heavily policed ​​communities of color, including Police Station 75 that serves eastern neighborhoods. East New York Brooklyn and Cypress Hill; Police Station 23 in East Harlem and the 43rd that operates in the southeast section of the Bronx. Also the police units 40 and 52 that serve the Salsa County.

What is clear is that the number of reviews reported officially dropped from 13,459 in 2019 to 9,544 in 2020.

“This decrease is likely attributed to the global pandemic and it is likely that the total number of detention procedures reported by the NYPD, is significantly less than the total number of stops that actually occur, ”Griffard said.

NYPD: Detentions have been reduced

The Sargent Jessica McRoie, spokesperson for the Uniformed reacted by warning that for the past eight years, stops and searches of people on the streets of New York City have come under departmental scrutiny and external analysis by a federal monitor.

“We have continued to drastically reduce the number of stops and questioning encounters since 2011, a trend that continues into the first quarter of 2021. At the same time the NYPD has conducted a record number of firearms arrests “, he stressed.

McRorie reported that this year firearms arrests through May increased to 1,917 compared to 1,497 in the same period a year ago, an increase of more than 28%.

“With their innovative law enforcement paradigms, our officers will continue to use their intelligence-driven approach to focus in areas experiencing disproportionate violence and guaranteeing the kind of constitutional and bias-free vigilance that is essential to building trust in the community. And maintain public safety ”, he concluded.

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