Report: M-Two to substantially reduce stake in RE4 remake

residence 4

Although there is currently no official confirmation from Capcom, a 2019 report noted that a remake of Resident Evil 4 It’s already in development, with M-Two, those in charge of last year’s Resident Evil 3 reimagining, at the helm of the project. Although we haven’t seen news about this alleged project in a long time, a new report notes that Capcom Division 1, the studio behind the main series of this survival horror, has taken the place of M-Two after a series of disagreements.

According to sources close to VGC, Capcom has substantially reduced M-Two’s participation in the supposed remake of Resident Evil 4, this after a project review at the end of last year. Instead, Division 1 will take over the project. The report indicates that the disagreement has to do with the direction of this reimanación.

After the Resident Evil 3 remake was criticized for moving away from the PS1 classic, M-Two wanted to make a faithful recreation of the original Resident Evil 4. However, Capcom intends to take the foundations of the original GameCube, include unique features, new elements to the story, and environments would not necessarily be confined to the GameCube delivery.

However, this change will not restart development, it would only imply a one-year delay, so the Resident Evil 4 remake could come out in 2023. Considering that part of the team that worked on the original RE4 is still present at Capcom, it is likely that these people are involved in the project.

At the moment there is no official confirmation of a Resident Evil 4 remake in development. We can only wait for a comment from Capcom. However, with Resident Evil Village planned for May 7, 2021, the Japanese company is likely not to make any kind of statement in the coming months.

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Via: VGC