During these days, Nintendo’s shareholders meet to assess the situation of the company, in which it is the 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Nintendo. In this meeting, the President of the Japanese company, Shuntaro Furukawa, puts on the table the data of the Big N, and in this case he has spoken about one of the topics that most strikes the players, the Nintendo Direct.

Change in Nintendo Direct?

The Nintendo Direct were born in 2011 to give information about new game releases on Nintendo consoles. Such was the success, that many companies have opted for these digital presentations, and now with the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen that it is the ideal presentation. However, according to Furukawa, the Nintendo Direct are very good to make new announcements about games, but the president reflects, that if in the future more effective means are put To publicize these types of ads, they might consider how best to publicize new information to fans.

Obviously, these words do not mean that the Nintendo Direct will be radically terminated, but in the absence of Nintendo Direct, we can see that there may be some change soon. It must be remembered that the last Nintendo Direct as such, not counting the Nintendo Direct Mini from last March, was in September last year. The Nintendo President also commented that despite this year’s E3 being canceled due to the coronavirus, Nintendo has no plans to hold a large conference as he did at the angelina fair. Seeing these words from Furukawa, will we soon see an announcement in some different way?

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