Repechage Liga MX: The Liguilla del Clausura 2021 at the moment (Combinations and results)

With 15 matches played in the 2021 Clausura of the MX League and the pending match between Rayados de Monterrey and Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, There are already 5 Mexican Soccer clubs that tied a ticket to the “playoff” of the contest, since Cruz Azul and America they already have a direct ticket to the League, while Puebla, Rayados and Santos Laguna have already secured their place in the Repechage.

It still remains to be defined who will be the third and fourth classified to the Liguilla directly, positions to which they aspire Puebla, Rayado, Santos Laguna, Atlas, León, Toluca and Tigres, although these last two have less possibilities than the Rojinegros, because with their 19 points they would need a ‘carom’ of results to be able to get among the first 4 places.

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There are still 7 tickets available for the Repechage and all the teams still have mathematical hopes of getting it, and at Soy Futbol we analyze the closing of each tournament.



Blue Cross: The Machine is the leader of the competition and only Club América can take away the first place in the competition. They need to win and hope that America does not win to secure the lead.

They close against: San Luis and Tijuana.

America club: The Eagles are 2 points behind the leader. They need Cruz Azul to lose or draw to be able to knock them out of the lead, as long as they win their match.

They close against: Toluca and Pumas.

Puebla: The Strip has to keep up with this close of competition. The poblanos have in their hands the direct classification to the Liguilla, for this they must add the 6 points that remain and not depend on other results.

La Franja could qualify directly on matchday 16 if they beat Pumas and Santos lost their match against Pachuca. Puebla and Santos will meet on the last day, so the Strip would have a direct opportunity to secure their ticket to the Quarterfinals against the Warriors.

They close with Pumas and Santos.

* Striped: Monterrey could tie his ticket to the Liguilla this weekend, for that he must win 4 points in the matches against Chivas and Tigres, since he would reach 29 units, a figure that only Puebla and Santos would equal, teams that will face each other on the last day. With 29 points, in the worst case scenario, Monterrey would have to tie the tie with Santos on goal difference, which is favorable for the Regios at the moment.

They close with Chivas, Tigres and Mazatlán FC.


Santos Laguna: The Warriors are hopeful of getting a direct ticket to Liguilla, but for that they have to beat Pachuca and Puebla, or else, beat Puebla and hope that the camoteros do not beat Pumas.

Closes with: Pachuca and Puebla

Atlas: The Foxes have to win 4 or more points and wait for combinations of the Puebla, Santos and Monterrey games, teams that are within reach at the moment. With one point he would ensure the Repechage.

Close with Chivas and Necaxa.

Club Leon: La Fiera is closing with the whole tournament; 4 wins in the last 5 games back them up. The Esmeraldas still aspire to get a direct ticket to the Liguilla, but their main objective is to stay in the Repechage zone and for this they need to add a minimum of 4 points to ensure their place in the Repechage without depending on other results.

To aspire to the Liguilla, León has to win his three pending games and hope that two of the following three clubs do not add 29 or more points: Puebla, Monterrey or Santos.

Closes with FC Juárez, Mazatlán FC and Querétaro.

Toluca: The Devils have to add 6 points to ensure the Repechage. The Devils have a very difficult tournament closing and come with a negative streak to this final stretch (six games without winning)

They close with América and FC Juárez.

Tigers: Those of the U de Nuevo León have the classification in their hands. The Tigers have to win their 2 games to secure a play-off. In case of adding 4 points or less, the cats could be surpassed by Pachuca, Chivas and Xolos.

Close with Rayados and Chivas

Queretaro: Los Gallos have to earn their 6 points to not depend on anyone. In case of making 4 points or less, Querétaro can be surpassed by Pachuca, Chivas and Xolos, clubs that are waiting for a puncture from those in the lower part of the Play-off Zone.

Closes with Necaxa, FC Juárez and León.

Mazatlan: The Gunners have the classification in their hands, with 18 points, the Mazatlecos have to close with two victories so as not to depend on anyone. They are currently in 11th place in the general standings, but a Chivas victory at midweek would leave them in last place in the play-off zone.

Close with Atlas, León and Rayados.

Cougars: The Universitarios no longer depend on them at the moment, because to stay in 12th place in the table they need Chivas not to beat Rayados in the middle of the week. In the event that the Herd scores all three points, Pumas would fall one notch in the standings.

If Guadalajara draws, Pumas remains in 12th place due to goal difference.

The University have to close winning and hope that Chivas does not win to ensure the Repechage.

Close against Puebla and America.


Pachuca: The first that no longer depends on himself; Los Tuzos has to add up his 6 points and wait for combinations of results. The Hidalgo citizens have high probabilities because there will be direct crossings between León and Querétaro.

They close with Santos and San Luis.

Chivas: The Flock has the classification in their hands. It will be enough for Guadalajara to win the three remaining games to secure their ticket to the Playoffs.

If they win 7 points or less, Chivas would still have a chance of getting into the Repechage, taking advantage of the direct duel against Tigres, in addition to the crossing between León and Querétaro.

Close with Rayados, Atlas and Tigres.

Atlético San Luis: With 12 points, Atlético is almost out of range. The Potosinos need to win their 2 games and hope that Tijuana and Chivas do not add more than two points; Pachuca and Pumas do not add more than one point; and Mazatlán or Querétaro do not add any points.

They close with Cruz Azul and Pachuca.

FC Juárez: Same situation as San Luis, although the Braves have a pending match, which could put them fully into their dream of reaching the playoffs. If the Braves win 2 wins in their next 2 games, the Frontiers will add ‘flavor’ to their tournament finale. If they win the 3 pending matches, their place in the Playoffs would be almost guaranteed with 21 points.

They close with León, Gallos and Toluca.

Necaxa: The Rays are virtually eliminated. With 11 points, Necaxa would have to win their 2 pending matches and expect too many combinations at the end of the tournament.

Eliminated: Pachuca, Chivas, Tijuana, San Luis, FC Juárez and Necaxa

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