repeated gifts, nerves and Ayuso’s holidays

Ayuso and Alfonso Serrano (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

After half past nine, I walked alone through the gallery of the Madrid Assembly. With a firm step, a red jacket with the regional flag and a black dress. Alfonso Serrano, one of her most trusted men, was waiting for her at the glass door. Isabel Díaz Ayuso returns after her landslide victory and establishing new times in the Chamber of Vallecas.

“Back to school”, as a PP deputy confessed a few minutes before waiting for Ayuso. Signatures and greetings. On the agenda, before the constitution session, the PP had summoned its own behind closed doors to receive the acting president.

A lot of patent leather shoes and tassels, like the ones worn by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. Behind the table, hidden a gift, wrapped in blue paper. Upon arrival, applause and joy. She happy, happy. And from the hand of Pío García Escudero the surprise has come. A painting with four covers of his victory on the night of 4-M. Everyone was happy, but she made a confession: they had already made her a similar collage a few days ago. There are a few minutes left for the session: come to the street, Juan Soler goes out to smoke a cigarette. Moments of many conversations: Alicia Sánchez-Camacho does not stop, although in the protocol inside the PP room they had left her in a corner. Jaime de los Santos was also very talkative.

Ayuso is full. And wanting to joke and make confessions. Before entering the Hemicycle, he had an informal conversation with a few journalists. Attentive, headlines arrive. He hopes to have the inauguration and his new government working in the next few weeks … and he plans to go on vacation. He has not taken them for three years, he commented, and this 2021 is already playing.

Where? Well, the president wants to go a few days outside of Spain …

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