A Barcelona store has devised a new way to get hold of a Brompton electric bike without having to pay the almost 3,000 euros that it costs to own it. Dani Milian, owner of Cap Problema, proposes to his clients a renting in which it is included, in addition to the bicycle, the helmet, the insurance and the revisions, for 3 euros a day, which is less than what a monthly transport card costs. A solution that allows you to have perfectly controlled annual spending on transport and is especially suitable for employers and self-employed since VAT can be deducted.

Brompton Bicycle is a prestigious British manufacturer that began offering Brompton Electric in Spain more than a year ago at a base price of 2,995 euros. Developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, it has an electric motor of 250 W housed in the front wheel hub, which assists the rider up to 25 km / h. A 300 Wh battery and 2.9 kilograms weight, located in a bag on the front of the handlebar, offers a range of between 40 and 80 kilometers, depending on the level of assistance and the terrain.

Dani Milian thinks of those who wish they had an electric Brompton but the price is an obstacle to it. “It is a cultural issue: we are not used to spending those amounts on a bicycle,” he says in the interview he has given to the Cyclosphere website. In collaboration with Ok Barcelona Tour, a company that offers private tours in Barcelona guided by local experts, has devised a long-term rental service for Brompton bicycles called Ok Sustainable Mobility.

The Brompton Electrica’s battery is portable and provides information on its state of charge.

All the service options offered by Ok Sustainable Mobility include a helmet and one carry bag, a liability insurance, a bike overhaul every year and the repair two punctures. The collection system is monthly by means of an invoice specifying VAT, which, in the case of the self-employed and employers, is deductible.

The monthly rate depends on the bicycle that is chosen. The Brompton B75 and M6L, both conventional, have a fee of 1.5 euros a day (45 euros a month + VAT) and 2 euros a day (60 euros a month + VAT) respectively. Options with electric bicycle are the Brompton Electric M6L 5 for 3 euros a day (90 euros per month + VAT) and the Brompton Electric M6L 2 for 3.5 euros a day (105 euros per month + VAT).

Milian acknowledges that this option is much more reasonable for businessmen and the self-employed than for private users because financing the purchase of the bicycle for two years without interest is cheaper than renting. However, it is an effective solution for those who want to control the cost of transport and deduct from it.

Why Brompton?

According to Milian, referring to the history of the brand, “45 years ago a person invented something that was out of his time.” its folding system It allows a large reduction in volume, both to easily insert it in the trunk of a car and to upload it to other public transport. The company says it can be done in as little as 20 seconds and transported like a trolley. However, during use, despite having small wheels, it handles like a large bicycle. Accelerates very quickly on the first few pedals and provides great maneuverability.

Handlebars, geometries and dimensions of the different configurations of Brompton bikes.

In addition Brompton offers different configuration options that reach up to the shape of the handlebar that can be chosen from four different options. You can also select the exchange rate of one, two, three or six gears. Finally, accessories such as luggage bags facilitate the transport of objects.