Rent 2020 – 2021: the keys, news, how to request the draft and dates

The April 7, 2021 the campaign of the Income 2021 – 2021, an atypical year due to the coronavirus and all the complications that it can bring when preparing the statement. The ERTE, the minimum vital income, the possibility of having more than one payer … there are many new features to take into account that you should know so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises in your annual deal with the Tax agency.

How to request the draft and since when

The deadline to process the income statement for the financial year 2020 online begins this Wednesday, April 7, 2021, a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic that will affect a multitude of workers. In fact, millions of people have been affected throughout the previous year by an ERTE of suspension or reduction of working hours, whose benefit paid by the SEPE it is considered as earned income. Thus, this economic allocation is classified by the Tax Agency as one more payer for the personal income tax return.

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How will the benefits received as a result of the pandemic affect?

Regarding the benefits derived from the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) paid by the SEPE, the obligation or not to declare will be determined taking into account the rest of the limits. If the income from work obtained in 2020 comes from the SEPE and from one or more other payers You will not have the obligation to declare if they do not exceed 22,000 euros, nor the 1,500 euros in the case of setting the limit in 14,000 euros.

With respect to minimum living income, they will be obliged to present the declaration by the Personal income tax the beneficiaries of this benefit “whether or not the amount received is exempt and, regardless of whether or not they meet the requirements established in article 96 of the Personal Income Tax Law regarding the obligation to declare.”

Thus, even if this benefit is exempt and the recipient has not obtained any other income, “he or she must submit a statement of IRPF 2020 and, in this case, the boxes of your return will appear with zero amount “.

Housing, family and pensions … the classics

Experts Recommend carefully check the draft before submitting it because certain data that must be provided by taxpayers may not be included. This occurs in the case of certain deductions, such as the living place or the birth of children.

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Common questions and answers

The Minimum Vital Income approved by the Government last year, the collection of ERTEs for inactivity caused by the coronavirus, maternity and paternity benefits … the 2020 Income Campaign is loaded with news that may influence taxation of the Spanish. Antonio Paredes, tax expert of the Finance Technicians (Gestha) clarifies the doubts of the most common readers.

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What happens to the amounts that the SEPE has overpaid us, and has not claimed us yet? I have bought a home, but my salary is more than 35,000 gross per year, am I not entitled to any personal income tax refund? I am 31 years old and I live in Andalusia, from what I have read because of my salary I cannot qualify for the regional deduction, and the general deduction was removed after 2003. My wife died on October 4 and had an 86% disability. I did not have any remuneration and we always made a joint return, since it was better.How should I file this year? Does my partner who has been collecting unemployment and maternity benefit in 2021 have to file the income tax return and if the Kindergarten scholarship (nursery check) I have to put it somewhere in my statement ERTE: What amount do I have to include in the statement, the one that appears on the certificate or the one that was really? If I put the certificate, how can I later claim the amount I have returned? Does the certificate show what it really was? Should I include both the child support and the compensatory support for my ex in the declaration? I started paying them after the agreement in August, the sentence came out in October, since when can I declare them? Can I enter the rent that I am paying after leaving the family home? Can the attorney and attorney’s fees be included? We pay the mortgage at 50 percent, can I include my part? If you have received an inheritance and later have sold that home that has corresponded to you. How does that affect income? I am Spanish living abroad but since last June 25 I am still in Spain due to the pandemic. I wanted to know if I can deduct my usual home in Spain for the time I have been here in 2020, I had an ERTE for 2 and a half months, but I do not have any documentation of what I received, so I do not know how I should make said statement I am a beneficiary of the minimum vital income. They told me from the Social Security, through an SMS, that if I wanted to continue collecting the pension, it was mandatory to make the declaration. What is the deadline to be able to do it? How can I do it if it’s the first time? Can it be done through the Internet even if you do not have a digital certificate? Who will provide me with the total amount of what I have charged for the ERTE? I have a question, I have been 6 months in ERTE of which 5 have been due to medical leave Because of the depression that I still have, how is that going to affect the return? SEPE: Could you correct the Draft yourself and present it with an estimate of the real income to which you were only entitled? My case in income is the next: the first payer is my job and I received about € 3000 – € 3100. The second payer of € 7500 approximately is erte. Would I be obliged to declare? I live for rent in the Community of Madrid and I wanted to know if it is tax deductible and if I have to notify it in my statement. I would like to know the expenses that an owner of a rented home can be deducted for a first home: maintenance works, IBI , insurance, community, mortgage interest and loans. Also reportable income: the amount of the contract or the amount actually collected? The only income comes from the husband’s retirement pension. The woman dies on November 8. Does only the husband file a joint or individual declaration? What marital status to be recorded? If joint, where is the date of the wife’s death indicated? I understand that the marriage deduction must be proportional until the date of the wife’s death. Last year I was fired and I received unemployment benefits for 3 months. I sued the company for void dismissal and this year the sentence has come out declaring void dismissal and having the right to processing salaries. Do I have to include unemployment in this year’s declaration even if it has been declared null and that money has to be returned? In addition, I received a non-contributory benefit for the care of a minor with a serious illness, so I should not pay taxes for the processing wages, right? I have a home that we own, together with my siblings, that we had rented. In August the tenant stopped paying for two months, attributing problems due to covid 19 and later left the house (12/31/2020), stopping paying for the months of October, November and December. Do I have to impute the rent for the whole year as if I had collected it or do I only impose the months that they stopped paying me and the eviction expenses? In 2020 they removed the floor clause of our mortgage loan and they entered us an amount of money by way of return of interest of said clause that we pay more. Should we include in the income statement this year the legal costs that we have not collected and were collected by the office that kept the legal costs? If the minimum of € 22,000 per year for work income is not reached, but Monetary Remuneration for Work Disability has been obtained, is it mandatory to make the declaration? My wife has a teaching academy and makes a simplified declaration of her economic activity. He has been charging for cessation of activity. We make a joint declaration every year. Where do I put those income, since they are not operating income? I am self-employed and have been granted the cessation of activity since March, I understand that I am in the same situation as those affected by an Erte, having two payers since the first quarter invoice the company having two payers, will I have to make the declaration having had two payers? We have sold an inherited house, owned by 50% of my mother and the other 50% in equal parts of the brothers, being my mother usufruct and we in bare ownership; By selling it we have distributed the money among everyone; For declaration purposes, is my mother considered income because she is the beneficial owner? How is it declared?