Travel for a large number of people is complicated by the lack of trains and the rising prices that are being experienced in Renfe.

The reactivation of services is being arrhythmic at Renfe, while has recovered almost all of the Cercanías trains, those who are focused on long-distance travel remains below 50% despite the demand that exists.

Renfe’s new normal began with the launch of the long-awaited new website, but also with the elimination of cheap AVE tickets and, for what has been confirmed, a lower supply of available trains. It was enough to carry out a search to verify that some lines had only one train a day instead of the four that were offered before the pandemic, but in Vozpópuli they have analyzed it.

At this time 100% of commuter trains, 50% of Avant and medium distance and only 30% of AVE and long distance have been recovered, worrying figures in the middle of the holiday season and with all the expected trips.

At Renfe they are aware of this situation and have confirmed that before the pandemic they offered 100,000 daily places for long distance and at this moment only 30,000. Although they also announce that they hope to expand this number week by week. Thus they are urged by the unions, where they consider that the supply is minimal for the existing demand and that “a business opportunity is being lost.”

Renfe’s annual accounts do not balance and, according to information from Vozpópuli, have suffered red numbers that are quantified at 123 million euros in the first four months 2020, something that is affecting the number of trains that have been started.

In any case, it seems that it will be a especially difficult summer for many train regulars. To the fear of contagion that exists, we will have to add a smaller window of possibilities and that for now there will be no discount. And the same happens for Renfe, which in addition to the losses suffered, must add the postponement of the cheap AVE that it was going to launch and with which it planned to anticipate future competition.