Renfe has withdrawn from the contract it had tendered to select the company that will provide catering and passenger services on board its trains AVE and Long Distance in the coming years in the face of the uncertainty generated by the crisis.

The operator considers that the “slow” recovery expected for transport and the doubts generated by the provision of these services by the new preventive health measures they make the conditions in which the contract was tended unfeasible.

For this reason, Renfe approved at the last meeting of its board of directors suspend the hiring process that opened in July last year for which it constitutes one of the largest contracts entrusted to other companies, estimated at 407 million euros.

The railway company plans to re-tender this contract, but after making a «rethinking »of services that will be given to passengers on trains in the face of the new situation and the “new projections of demand”. The now-canceled contract sought to replace the one it had held since 2013 with Ferrovial, since it ended last year and was extended until the new company was selected.

In the case of this extended contract with Ferrovial, it was also recently modified to adapt it to the current circumstances derived from the state of alarm and the financial crisis, in which trains hardly run and do so without personnel or service on board, after reconsidering the intention initial to suspend it in order to save the 2,000 employees linked to the service.

Now, Renfe also gives up hiring a new operator of services on board due to the “uncertainty” that the current crisis generates on the provision of this service.

The volume of services and the conditions of provision contemplated in the contract tendered last July “They are no longer realistic and adequate to current needs.” “The market and service conditions that existed when the tender was launched have disappeared due to the pandemic and the crisis,” Europa Press told sources in the operator.


Renfe thus cancels the contract that it tendered at the end of July 2019 to select a company that will provide restaurant, cafeteria and passenger service services on board its Long Distance and High Speed ​​trains for the next five years.

The contract covers the execution of all the services to the passengers of the trains, from the attention and dismissal of the passengers to the provision of the restoration in tray on the seat for the tickets that include this service, passing through the cafeteria service, the ‘mobile bar’, the vending machines, the public address service and the press distribution, among other benefits.

The railway company put out to tender this ‘mega contract’ in two lots, to open the possibility of splitting between two companies. One included providing these services on trains running in the Northeast, including the AVE to Barcelona, ​​as well as the Mediterranean, transversal and international coasts. The other, those that circulate to the North, South and East, among them the AVE to Seville, the AVE to Valencia or the AVE to Valladolid, among others.