Renee Young went to her Twitter account to confirm that a “big and fat announcement” will be made this Wednesday.

The popular WWE personality sounded very happy about the impending announcement and of course it will be a good thing.

A fan answered in the thread and presented three possibilities: complete recovery of COVID-19, pregnancy, and return to Canada. Renee Young commented and stated that the announcement did not refer to any of the above, but that it will still be very good.

Renee Young tests positive for Covid-19

Renee Young recently revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19. As previously reported, Young is doing much better now that the cough has improved. Although he felt some heaviness in his chest as of June 25, the worst phase of the illness has disappeared, and Young is on the way to a healthy recovery.

It was also revealed that WWE did not know about Renee Young’s decision to make her COVID-19 status public and that the company is unhappy.

WWE executives, including Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon, Mark Carrano and Triple H, reportedly did not contact Renee Young on June 25 to see how she was doing. However, many talents caught up with her.

Jon Moxley, who was pulled from last week’s AEW Dynamite episode, reportedly tested negative and is currently isolated. Moxley and Young are isolating themselves in different parts of the house, and it was noted that the AEW World Champion will undergo further testing this week before their scheduled Fyter Fest fight against Brian Cage.

The focus is now back on Renee Young’s announcement, but what could it be? Fans have speculated that the ‘big and fat’ ad might be hinting at a possible pregnancy; However, Renee Young has already rejected the idea.

Renee Young was the face of the WWE Backstage show that Fox recently canceled. Young’s announcement could be about a new show she’s involved in, but that’s just a guess at the moment.

For now, we hope Renee Young is doing well, and we’ll be looking forward to the details of her announcement.

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