Renee Young and Adam Pierce reportedly infected several fighters at the company, starting the Covid-19 outbreak | Fight News

WWE discovered many positive cases of coronavirus in the company. This made them change their plans in a huge way, because it seems that more than 30 cases have been confirmed so far.

This poses a huge crisis within the company, as it has an outbreak that it must control, while keeping all its employees, producers and wrestlers safe.

SmackDown was transformed into an Undertaker Tribute with few stories on the show. It was also evident who was missing from the program. WWE doesn’t want us to talk about it.

Adam Pierce and Renee Young reportedly infected several fighters

The company has had to contend with public statements from some of its workers, revealing that they tested positive for Kayla Braxton’s Covid-19, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble and Renee Young. Other fighters, workers, and producers were told not to disclose information.

In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that “Young and Pierce were the cause of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is believed to have a large number of fighters involved and infected”.

Those infected superstars have not been revealed at this time. We are unlikely to see the company reveal who they are unless they change their minds. This is a complicated situation, but WWE’s unwillingness to be transparent is only causing more concern among fans, but especially internally among its workers.

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