Renaulution transforms Alpine into an electric car brand

Renault has just presented the outlines of the new “Renaulution” strategic plan. An ambitious plan that aims to return the benefits to the diamond brand, and which includes action in the four brands that belong to it. Alpine will play a very interesting role, transforming itself into an electric car brand.

If ambitious are the objectives that Luca de Meo has presented for Renault, Dacia and LADA, they are no less for Alpine. The sports brand, which seemed doomed to disappear, will not. In fact, he has been assigned one of the most interesting roles in the entire group by transforming into a brand of electric sports cars, and very exclusive.

The brand too assumes the sports divisions of Renault Sport -Cars and Racing– so the high-performance versions of the Rombo models will now go directly to the Dieppe brand, and will be fully electric, as well as a new generation of new sports models. Alpine engineers will have absolute freedom to participate in the group’s platforms, so the brand will have full powers to dispose of the CMF-EV architecture.

Teaser Alpine 2025Teaser of the three most immediate Alpine electric models

The future of Alpine becomes electric, a new offer for sports cars

However, the French have revealed an extremely interesting detail. And it is that Renault has indicated that Alpine will also be able to use the CMF-B platform, a combustion platform and adapted for plug-in hybrids, including electric ones, thus opening up new possibilities on the horizon for a model in this segment with very sporty ambitions.

And it is that the firm has already dropped a teaser featuring three models, each one with a different purpose, for the day to day or for the weekend, more familiar or more sporty, and with some very interesting silhouettes. Because, from left to right, the first is sensed with a style of tourism, thus opening the door to a more modern heir to the Clio RS or even the rumored ZOE RS.

The second features an SUV shape, with the headlights arranged in the shape of an ‘X’ or the racing checkered flag, giving an idea of ​​an Alpine-signed Captur or the frozen rival SUV of the future Porsche Macan. The third is clearly a sports car, a new variant of the all-electric A110. The firm also assumes responsibility for the production of an electric racing car together with Lotus. In short, great projects with which Alpine has to be a profitable brand by 2025, also including operations at the competition level.

Renault reveals all the details of the new Renaulution strategic planRenault unveils all the details of the new Renaulution strategic planRead news