Renault is required to find a replacement for Daniel Ricciardo and although Fernando Alonso seemed the great favorite to take his place, the French team could opt for a younger driver. This was suggested by Cyril Abiteboul, director of the Renault F1 Team, who has forgotten Fernando Alonso when talking about possible substitutes for the Australian.

«We want to see what is the rhythm of Guanyu Zhou, and what is the rhythm of Christian lundgaard. They could be fantastic options, ”said Abiteboul at Motorsport. “Talking about it now is a little bold, but who knows? With one more F2 season for both of them, it could be the right decision and that is the kind of thing that cannot be decided when everything accelerated with Daniel, ”he concluded.

In favor of Guanyu Xhou He plays the trick that he would become the first Chinese driver of Formula 1, which would allow Renault to have greater exposure in the Asian market. For this reason, he himself wanted to run for the seat that Ricciardo will vacate: “I think that no one from my country has achieved results like this. I played the Chinese national anthem in European F3 before and now I have waved the Chinese national flag in F2. I am really proud of it, as it shows what the Chinese are capable of. ”

Alonso’s trick to sign for Renault

15% of Renault belongs to France and needs a claim to convince managers that the world championship is an advertising solution for the sudden decrease in registrations that has led to the coronavirus. For this, Renault needs a hit, and more after the departure of Daniel Ricciardo McLaren. This blow could come from the hand of Fernando Alonso, the last driver to win a World Cup with Renault.

The Spanish, with a more limited car, won two great prizes in his last return to the French team. Since then at Enstone they have not risen to the top of the podium again, so Renault should think twice about trusting a less experienced driver who is unable to guarantee short-term results.