Renault Express Van: compact practicality

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

European cities have joined forces against pollution, with restrictive measures and changes that transform the way we consume. The pandemic has been one more input, abruptly multiplying the choice of online commerce. This means a greater urban traffic of small commercial vehicles, in charge of the last mile transportation and parcel smaller in size. Renault is prepared for this challenge, for this it has one of the widest ranges of commercial vehicles, with models ranging from 1.6 to 6.5 tons and from 2 to 22 m³, in gasoline, diesel and electric (ZOE Société, Kangoo ZE and Master ZE). Today we have to talk about a newcomer, the Renault Express Box, which has been developed to continue offering what professionals need.

The Renault Express Van is not only a compact and versatile model for the city, it also adopts the avant-garde and sophisticated design of the current professional family of the diamond. Hence, we find a van capable of meeting our work demands, but also used as a private car if necessary. The LED light signature, with the typical Renault C-Shape, fits perfectly with a chrome grille, an element that elevates the perception of quality of the van. Viewed from the side, this van appears dynamic even when standing still thanks to the visual play that generates the fluid parts of the doors. Yes indeed, the wheels are small, just 15 inches, and they have hubcaps instead of rims. In return we have up to four different shades and a fifth specific for that blue model.

We will have, at all times, a cargo volume of up to 780 kilograms in the gasoline versions and of 650 kilograms on diesel models, with interior storage spaces of 48 liters and a cargo volume of 3.7 cubic meters. All of it prioritizing practicality and functionality, with opening rear doors ⅔ and ⅓ of great amplitude. In case you need to transport very long items, the Renault Express Van admits packages up to 1.91 meters in length, expandable up to 2.36 in case of reclining the passenger seat. We tell you much more in the following gallery.

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