Renault seems to be hard on its electrification path. At the moment they have just overcome the barrier of the 300,000 electric vehicles sold in Europe, within ten years.

The Renault Zoe is the key vehicle that explains why Renault has exceeded this figure. It was launched in 2013 and almost 240,000 units of it have already been sold, 100,000 of them in France. In the month of June this year alone, 10,944 were sold, which places it at the top of sales in Europe that month.

The Renault electric range, in addition to the Zoe, includes the Fluence ZE, the Kangoo ZE, the Master ZE and the Twizy quadricycles; the latter and Kangoo are produced in Spain. A range that will be expanded soon -before COVID the forecast was for September- with the launch of the Twingo ZE, with an 82 horsepower engine and a range of 180 kilometers, intended primarily as a second urban or semi-urban vehicle.

All this before setting foot in the electric SUV segment, initially with the Dacia Spring for the ‘low-cost’ market and then for an SUV already from the Renault brand, of a size comparable to the Kadjar and that must share the base with the Nissan Ariya. And later on, an SUV based on the Morphoz concept is expected to see the light. The arrival of these models could end the Fluence ZE.

Recall that the Zoe has been updated earlier this year, adopting a battery of 59 kilowatt hours, which increases its autonomy to 390 kilometers -according to the WLTP cycle- and faster recharging, since it supports 50-kilometer chargers. In addition, it offers two power levels, 108 and 135 horsepower. As if that were not enough, in 2022 a sports version Zoe RS will be launched, from which details of power or autonomy have not yet been leaked.

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