Renault duster bigster to debut in 2022 and more details revealed

Renault had already announced earlier this year that it was firm in its plan to have a 7-seat variant from the truck Duster and now specialized media confirm that this elongated variant, called Bigster, will debut in the world on next year.

Along with this information several portals they started to speculate on the final appearance of the new Renault duster bigster and one of them, the British AutoExpress posted two images exclusive (in red) that are consistent with those that independent designer K-Design had produced in February. These projections are based on the prototype that the Dacia brand also presented at the beginning of 2021.

Renault Duster Bigster sketch by AutoExpress

The data that is already confirmed by the brand is that the new Renault Bigster will use the same CMFB platform, common also for the more recent Logan and Sandero, and which will have a length of 4.6 meters long with which it will be entered in the line of Midsize SUV and will host three rows of seats. In addition, it will be located as the older sister of the Duster.

Renault duster bigster

Renault Duster Bigster by AutoExpress

Thanks to the CMFB platform the new one Renault duster bigster will have a wide range of engines that could range from the 1.3 turbo who currently has the Capture and what delivery 128 horses power up to one hybrid configuration which is available in the current Renault Clio E-Tech and what is from 1.6 liters and that gives 138 HP.

Renault duster bigster

Renault Duster Bigster by KDesign

By last, Renault will keep the Duster Bigster with the same philosophy of having the most affordable price in the segment, although unlike the rest of the Dacia line, this truck will be the one that more earnings leave the group, according to their projections.

And will the Bigster reach our markets?

Of course it will come, as it was announced earlier this year by the CEO of the Renault group, Luca De Meo, and added to it, in Brazil it is already being used platform on which this medium truck would be mounted so now what is missing confirm is the date where the Duster Bigster that will wear the new rhombus stamp of the French firm.

Renault duster bigster

Renault Duster Bigster KDESIGN


Renault He also confirmed that he is developing a new configuration hybrid for its SUVs and which it will also reveal in 2022. This will be based on a three-cylinder 1.2-liter turbo engine with up to 200 horsepower.

Dacia (Renault) Duster Bigster concept

Dacia (Renault) Duster Bigster concept

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