Ricciardo: “We are not far from finishing in the top five or six”

Ocon: “We have learned a lot in the first races and we have to improve”

Renault comes to Silverstone in order to ‘end’ that streak of being eighth in all races. Those of Enstone have only taken that position in the first three tests of the year and want more in this second race triplet. Daniel Ricciardo returns to the circuit where he made his F1 debut nine years ago with the intention of fighting to be in the top six. Esteban Ocon, after a very discreet Hungarian GP, ​​has loaded batteries and will look to return to add points after two races with the box to zero.

Daniel Ricciardo (11th in the World Cup):

“I love running at Silverstone. It is a special circuit for me, it is the circuit where I made my debut in Formula 1 in 2011. It seems like a long time has passed, but I remember it perfectly. Silverstone is a great circuit, it has curves high speed where you have to be very brave to get it right. We all love Maggots and Becketts, they are some of the best corners on the calendar. ”

“We are going to bring improvements to Silverstone. I think it is pretty clear that we have taken a step forward with this year’s car, but so have other teams. We have to keep progressing to achieve better results. I really want to test these new enhancements and we hope to get more performance out of them. ”

“We have been eighth in all races so far. Not bad, but I think we had more speed to score more points. We have also had some minor reliability issue that has weighed us down and we have also missed a few tenths in some classifications. For the following races, we have the goal of adding more points, and I think it is a goal that can be met. Everything is very even, and we are not close to finishing in the top five-six. Let’s go for this end of week”.

Stephen Ocon (13th in the World Cup):

“Silverstone is a very fun circuit. In a Formula 1 car, any section of fast corners is fantastic, and Silverstone has them. Their curves are incredible, and it is a very complicated lap, which depends a lot on the driver. give everything in every corner, and it is very difficult to do well in all of them. Also in the race there are good places to overtake and I am sure that we will have great races. We hope to fight again for the points positions “.

“I have great memories of racing Formula 3 at Silverstone. In 2014 I did the Pole and won three podiums, and I even won one of the races. Another thing to keep in mind on this circuit is time. Time has given a lot of what Talking this season and at Silverstone is not going to be any different. Dry or rainy, I am sure it will be a great challenge. ”

“We have areas that we definitely have to work on. We have learned a lot in the first few races and we know that we have to improve a lot. The potential of the car is there, and now we have to make the most of some details. I want to get a good handful of points in the following races, and I think we can do it. We are going to make some improvements, hopefully they will be of great help and help us squeeze the potential out of our car. ”

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