Renault 4 electric design breakthrough

The longing of many people to see a modern version of the Renault 4 seems to be closer and closer: the Renault 5 Prototype shown in January as the starting point of more models was the first big sign, which In April it took on even more force when it was discovered that Renault had patented a new logo apparently for this model. And now, in a similar way, it is known that they also patented what would be their design.

As reported by the Dutch portal Autovisie, last November Renault presented to the European patent office these images that would show the basis of the design of the future Renault 4. While this is not conclusive that this is indeed the basis for the final design, it is the clearest sample we have so far.

Electric Renault 4, patent image

As we mentioned it is just a base with the main features that this hypothetical Renault 4 would have but still we see that there are several keys that connect it with the classic model that we all know and with which in Colombia we are more than familiar.

Ahead we see what would be a gray grill that covers the entire front horizontally with lights at the ends, which in this case They would each be made up of four horizontal rows that will surely be LEDs. The way the bonnet meets the front has a clear inspiration from the classic Renault 4 and even a reinterpretation of the ‘bumpers’ has been done.

Renault 4 electric, patent image 03

Electric Renault 4, patent image

The molding of the lower part of the door is not only similar to that of the Renault 5 Prototype (the wheels would be the same) but also in the final design it could evolve to look like the plastic bocels that were introduced with the Renault 4 Masterwhile the rear side window has been replaced by some kind of design that may be a decal.

Finally, the rear of these images of what would be the future electric Renault 4 is perhaps the least similar to the original, with the location of the plate on the fender and a window with a kind of spoiler that would look like an extension of the roof. The brake lights are somewhat more similar and as in the front we see a kind of ‘bumpers’ again.

Electric Renault 4, patent image 04

Electric Renault 4, patent image

Unfortunately there is no more information about it and as often happens, the fact that that the brand has presented these images does not necessarily mean that it will be the final design but rather it is a way to prevent some other brand from doing something similar.

Also, if we are guided by the rumor that the future Renault 4 would be more of a utility than a passenger car, these images would not make much sense. Likewise, we can be guided by the rumor that his presentation is planned for November so the wait is short enough not to take long but far enough to make room for more leaked information.

Electric Renault 4, patent image 05

Electric Renault 4, patent image

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