Whether they are suggested applications or if they are tips on the home screen, You can remove advertising in Windows 10 from the computer settings. It will take only a few minutes and you will end up with annoying messages that we don’t need.

Suggested applications

Can remove suggested apps and remove the ads in Windows 10. Usually you will see that there are suggested applications in the Windows 10 Start Menu, suggestions that you do not have and that you recommend having. But it can be easily deactivated from the settings to see it no more.

Go to the Windows 10 Start Menu Press the settings gear in menu
Tap on the “Personalization” option Go to the “Start” option

Here you will see a number of different options:

To show More icons in Start
Show list of applications in the start menu Show recently added applications Show the most used applications Show suggestions occasionally in Start Use Start in full screen Show recently opened items in Shortcut Lists or in Start or in the taskbar

Check and uncheck the castles to enable or disable. In case you want to eliminate the advertising in Windows 10 of suggested applications, deactivate “Show suggestions occasionally on Start” so that they do not appear on the screen again.

Ads on the lock screen

It is also common for us to find ads on the lock screen, Microsoft programs that convert to Windows 10 ads when the computer is locked. It doesn’t have to be annoying and we will hardly notice it in some cases but you can disable it from settings. Follow these steps:

Go to the Windows start menu Click on the gear icon to access the options Access the Personalization section Tap on “Lock screen”

Once in this section you will see the “Background” option along with a drop-down menu. And three options available from which you can choose:

Featured content from Windows Image Presentation

Choose any of the last two options but do not check “Selected Windows content”. Choose Image or Presentation and this way you will end this content when the computer is locked. It is fast and you will not take anything.

Remove Ads in Windows 10 - Block


Another thing Windows 10 does is show us advice that, in most cases, we haven’t asked for. But luckily they can also be uninstalled if you are not interested in knowing how to get more out of your computer or operating system. To do this, follow a few steps:

Go to the Configuration section Click on the “System” option Open the “Notifications and actions” section

You will see different options:

Show notifications on the lock screen Show incoming VoIP calls and notifications on the lock screen Show me the Windows welcome experience …
Get tips, tricks and recommendations while using Windows
Get notifications from apps and other senders

Activate or deactivate the one you want. To remove Windows 10 ads and tips from the Start screen, mark the “get tips, tricks and recommendations while using Windows” section disabled. This information will no longer appear. If you want to have it again, just repeat the same steps.


Dynamic Blocks – Play and Explore

Although it is not advertising as such in Windows 10, it is useful disable dynamic blocks or icons from the menu and you can also do it from the start menu. Just tap on the block you want and follow a few steps:

Tap on the block you want to make disappear. Right-click. A menu or pop-up window will open. Go to the “More …” section. A series of options will open. “Disable dynamic icon”