Alex Remiro, goalkeeper of the Royal Society, has acknowledged in a statement to the Basque Radio Television (EITB), that “I have not been afraid”, after being isolated for four days for being positive in a serological test. The footballer is already training and enjoying work.


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“I’m fine, I haven’t been scared,” says the player. Remiro acknowledges that the test result “made me reflect a lot. You think about what I could fail, how I could catch it if I took all the precautions … “ and on top of knowing that his teammates were training again and he couldn’t make me “scratch”, he admits.

Remiro is already putting on his gloves and performing the first specific work sessions for a goalkeeper. “I was a little tired of so much gym work at home. I needed to be shot, to be scored, to be stung with teammates … in short, I needed to compete.”

The resumption of LaLiga Santander is already a little closer. The keeper has, curiously, a peculiar version of the return without fans in the stadiums. “Maybe it gives you that calm point that allows you to see everything easier and you don’t feel so much pressure … Maybe that can help us,” he says at EITB. And it is Remiro recognizes that “I am not going to say that I see myself playing the next edition of the Champions League, but we are going to work to achieve it”, reveals. Osasuna will be the first obstacle on the way.