remembering his official movie without Daft Punk music

A few years ago, Daft Punk released their first film directed and written entirely by them but without Daft Punk music. What is it about?

Daft Punk won the hearts of many of us thanks to his songs, his music videos and even the Japanese animated film based on his album Discovery. But there is a production out there that not many know about and that is a movie of themselves that premiered in 2006.

Art for some

The film in question only shows us the journey of these two robots named Robot # 1 and Robot # 2 (according to the film’s credits) on their journey through America while trying to be human in some way.

The movie is called « Daft Punk’s Electroma » and was produced, written and directed by the two people under the helmets: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

Interestingly, those who take on the role of Daft Punk robots are not the musicians, but they are actors Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich, like robot 1 and 2 respectively.

The film is considered a cult film, especially since it comes from France on behalf of Daft Punk himself. It is a silent film and has basically no dialogue, making everything communicated through body language. In fact, the film is loaded with long shots with little background sound, which makes it slow on many occasions, but without neglecting the emotional charge that the search for humanity of these two robots brings..

Music is not Daft Punk and the whole soundtrack was by Todd Rundgren.

In case you are interested in seeing it or knowing more about it, I can tell you that the video where Daft Punk seems to have concluded his musical adventure, which is simply called « Daft Punk – Epilogue » and that went viral, contains the end of the film with part of the song « Touch » from his album Random Access Memories.