This Sunday, TV Gazeta will replay, starting at 9 pm, within the program “Mesa Redonda” Santos’ 2-0 victory over Ponte Preta, in Vila Belmiro, for the 12th round of the 1974 Paulista Championship, a game that marked the farewell King Pelé do Peixe.

Pelé played just 21 minutes of his farewell to Peixe (Acervo Santos FC)

Photo: Lance!

The match will have the original transmission, narrated by Peirão de Castro, legendary announcer, born in Santos and supporter of Peixe, who died in 1989 in his hometown. He played on TV Exclesior, Bandeirantes and any other channel, in addition to Gazeta, where he was part of Milton Peruzzi’s “Mesa Redonda”, in the 60s and 70s.Remember the game

It was Paulistão’s penultimate round of 74. Santos no longer fought for the title of the first round and would have to fight for the conquest of the second to have chances to raise the trophy.

Under the eyes of 20,258 people, according to the Santos FC Collection, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, on his 34th birthday, said goodbye to the club that catapulted him to the world soccer scene. The King had accepted a proposal to act for the New York Cosmos, in a move in search of popularizing soccer to the Americans.

Trained by Tim the Fish, on that occasion, the Fish went to the field with: Cejas; Wilson Campo, Bianque, Vicente and Zé Carlos; Léo Oliveira e Brecha; Cláudio Adão, Pelé and Edu.

Pelé played only 21 minutes of the game and left the field. Before that, he knelt in the center of the lawn of the Urbano Caldeira stadium and, after that, took an Olympic lap, before the game restarted.

The King’s replacement

The right-hand Gilson Beija-Flor, who was 25 years old at the time, came on loan from Portuguesa Santista. However, Your Majesty stayed away from passing the crown, since Gilson, the following year, returned to Portuguesa Santista, where he served five more years, was even probed by Spanish football, but before traveling for an excursion with Briosa, in which he could definitely stay in Europe, he broke the knee ligament.

He then became a councilor in the city of Guarujá, where he accumulated mandates and even presided over the City Council. Interestingly, he was responsible for banning the construction of a mansion on a land that belonged to King Pelé t would have advanced a public space.

However, on that October 2, 1974, Gilson almost stole the show. In the last minute of the first half he hit a ball on the post that Cláudio Adão completed for the goal. At 10 minutes of the final stage, he crossed to the area of ​​the Ponte Pretana and defender Geraldo, from Macaca, put it against his own goal. Without Pele on the field, Peixe won 2-0.

Gilson scored two of the Santos goals in the next game, in which Peixe beat Juventus da Mooca, 2-1, at Pacaembu stadium, was his only goal with the Santista shirt. Pelé, in turn, scored 1091 goals in 1116 matches.

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