Remember Jennifer Lopez her video with actor William Levy!


William Levy is of Cuban origin | AP

Jennifer Lopez is also called JLo (AP)

Jennifer Lopez is also called JLo | AP

William Levy quickly became a heartthrob (AP)

William Levy quickly became a heartthrob | AP

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez boasted and remembered a video where she appears next to the Cuban actor William Levy who showed his abdomen without any pain.

It was in the official video of his song “I´m into you“which was published nine years ago on its official YouTube channel, where to date it has 308 million 549 thousand 682 views, there is no doubt Jennifer Lopez continues to break records and be extremely popular.

Some of the more than 55 thousand comments that appear on his YouTube publication are quite recent, they wonder if someone else apart from them continues to be a loyal admirer of this song, especially because William Levy appears, who at that time was one of the actors. most requested in the industry.


Being a celebrity of music as well as Hollywood, the one also called Diva from the Bronxs celebrated 10 years of this song, which he decided to share on Instagram 3 days ago.

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In it video we can see that the interpreter of “I’m Real” and ex-wife of Marc Anthony appears wearing his figure as in all his videos.

Only this time the attention had to be shared with two monuments: the pyramids of Chichen Itzá that is located in Yucatán, Mexico and William Levy, who, as already communicated at that time, was one of the most sought-after artists.

At the beginning of the video, a beach scene appears, from afar you can see that the actor is approaching little by little, wearing only pants showing his abs, JLo who is waiting for him on the beach posing like a diva is limited to watching him.

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With translucent swimsuits and attire, the singer appeared on the beautiful beaches of Mexico and in the beautiful archaeological site that receives the visit of millions of people throughout the year, in some scenes we see Jennifer Lopez up some steps.

As a curious fact, previously visitors could climb the pyramid to the top, as in Teotihuacán in Mexico City, however, as some visitors were somewhat careless, the managers of the place decided to prohibit them from climbing it, for this reason is that JLo it only appears on the first steps.

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Surely to do this she must have paid a large sum of money, which was worth it because this video is one of the most viewed in her career, this because in addition to admiring her, the actor’s admirers could also enjoy watching him over and over time.

The video posted on Instagram has a duration of four minutes and 19 seconds, one second less than in the official video which lasts 4:20.

So far it has more than 2 million views on the application and also more than 6 thousand comments, including that of Isabel Madow, the Mexican actress and model, as well as other personalities who congratulate her for continuing with her successes that although they have been released a few years ago listening to them is just as refreshing.

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For the fans of Jenny From The Block it is always gratifying to see her show off her charms and her beautiful figure wearing little clothes, that despite the passing of the years has not changed at all, on the contrary it seems that the singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman in recent years has shown her skin of more things that do not bother her fans.

It is usual for celebrities that other music or television stars appear in their videos, so it is always impressive to see a personality in an official video of any artist.