Remember Chabelo, did Luis Miguel bother him in Acapulco?

Remember Chabelo, did Luis Miguel bother him in Acapulco? | Instagram

Apparently, not all those who have lived with Luis Miguel, they keep the best experiences, Chabelo was one of them, Xavier Lopez, he still remembers how “uncomfortable” he felt in a meeting between them in Acapulco, why the driver of “In family with Chabelo“would you say that

What did Luis Miguel do to Chabelo so that they would not enjoy a moment together? It was the so-called “friend of all children”, Xavier López, who revealed that he did not have a good time in an old meeting with the so-called “Sun of Mexico“.

In 2018, some photographs circulated on the internet and caused a great stir since two great personalities of the show but from completely different worlds appear together in some photographs. However, not everything was what it seemed.

According to the version issued by “Chat it up“It happened in the house of Acapulco, property of the interpreter of “When the Sun Heats Up”.

At one point, Xavier López Rodríguez, who goes by the name “Chabelo”, reveals he was walking on the beach, when at one point, a man approaches, identifying himself as an employee of “LuisMi“He told him that” his boss wanted to say hi to him. ”

The Mexican-American entertainer says, he accepted the invitation and went over to where “Micky” was to chat a bit, however, what bothered him was the company that was with the “Puerto Rican” at that time, although the actor and Comedian, chose not to reveal this person’s name.

Politely, the now endearing television “entertainer” agreed to share a glass of wine at the foot of the beach and later left the place, he commented in an interview for the “Nuevo Día” program.

Unfortunately, the television presenter and singer of children’s songs, did not want to reveal all the details completely, so various speculations and some suspicions immediately arose about who it could have been. Perhaps some conquest of the ‘Sun’?

Over time, the chance meeting ceased to generate interest and was only a brief anecdote between the two stars.

Chabelo is one of the celebrities who for several years and generations has remained in the public’s taste and although for some years he has stayed away from the spotlight, his nickname is often a trend in social networks.

Constantly, memes make him star in moments on social networks, particularly when a famous person loses his life, since they immediately link the longevity enjoyed by the movie actor who made his debut in Mexican cinema in “Viaje a la Luna”.

The legendary television presenter also acted alongside other great comedy personalities such as “Cantinflas” in the movie “El Extra”, this one, among others, in which he surrounded himself with various personalities.

Mauricio Garcés, Manuel “El Loco” Valdes, Alejandro Suárez, María Victoria in “The well-bred maid”, “Los Polivoces”, Cesar Costa and even Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo among others,

For 48 years, Chabelo directed the morning program “En Familia con Chabelo” which was broadcast every Sunday and which for several generations was par excellence one of the most entertaining programs for several generations.

Luis Miguel’s state of health is concerned

In recent months, Luis Miguel’s health has been the subject of conversation among his followers, who have been genuinely concerned because various versions have emerged stating that the health of “El Sol” has been affected during The Covid-19 pandemic because, according to information published by a source close to the singer, “Micky” is afraid of catching the virus so he remains completely isolated to avoid contact with other people.

According to these sources consulted by different media, the singer would have suffered some mental consequences derived from the confinement, however, these versions have not been confirmed, but what was confirmed is that he suffered a fall that sent him to the hospital because he was injured the shoulder, however, according to the program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, Luis Miguel is recovering favorably in his property located in one of the most exclusive areas of Los Angeles, California.

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