Remastered for Xbox One for a price that will be hard to believe

One of the games that has marked the last two generations, and whose roots come as part of the premiere of PS5 with a most spectacular remake. Yes, Dark Souls is one of those games that everyone should try at least once. And now we are going to make it especially easy for you if you have an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X | S. We bring you a very special offer so you can buy Dark Souls: Remastered for less than 12 euros.

The craziest Dark Souls: Remastered deal you’ll find for Xbox One

Flash offer expiring on November 19so you have to hurry if you want to enjoy it. With a 70% discount on its original price of 39.99 euros, you can get this great game that visually improves the original title, adapting it slightly to current consoles. You can get it for your Xbox One, although remember that you can also take advantage of it in the new ones if you have them thanks to improved backward compatibility.

Dark Souls Remastered Virtuos

BUY Dark Souls: Remastered for Xbox One for € 11.99

An opportunity that you should not waste, with HD graphics and a rate of 60 frames per second, with online multiplayer and even Artorias of the Abyss DLC. The most complete version of this From Software game can already be yours at a very low price. Do not hesitate and dive headfirst for it, although we also have to warn you of something: prepare to die.

▪ Release date: 10/04/2011