Remake of XIII was so bad that it increased sales of the original version

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XIII was one of the most beloved FPS during the generation of PS2, GameCube and Xbox, especially for its art style, forged in full fashion of the cel-shading style, and for how well it was its story and narrative. That was why when it was announced that a remake was on the way, fans did not hide their joy at seeing the old partner again. Sadly, the XIII remake was a disaster and is now paying the price in the market.

After a series of delays and a launch that showed how bumpy its development processes, the remake of XIII was classified as a very bad game due to the amount of technical errors and the inexcusable modification of its art style, which broke the link with the past and collapsed the spirits of the fans. According to the development team, Microids, who apologized through a statement, the creative process went through serious difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the end they could not deliver something worthy of the original title.

However, within this disaster something good emerged, because as a result of the poor reception of the XIII remake, fans turned to digital platforms on PC to get the original delivery and this was reflected in the sales lists, then, ironically , XIII sold more than its remake in the week of launch, as mentioned in a Nintendo Life report with information from Cristopher Dring, a figure in the video game scene in the United Kingdom.

So, even though the XIII remake failed, there is good news for the original installment, as this motivated fans to take a look at the past to enjoy this FPS and leave behind the bad and unfair experience they had with its return.

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