From California, tech mogul Apple is gearing up to launch the first virtual launch of its latest products of the year.

Here’s the minute-by-minute look at what’s new in Jobs’s legacy:


iOS 14

Apple’s latest operating system will be released tomorrow September 16 with new tools for all computers.

Audio, picture and USB

The iPad Air will have a stereo sound update, an image that allows capturing 4K content with a 12MP camera and USB input.

iPad Air will be available in October from 599 USD and with 100% recycled aluminum.


DJs and ‘Gamers’

The new technology in the iPad gives animation and music developers an interface that can manipulate creations from technology that reads hand movements.


iPad Air

The new iPad Air competes with the world’s best-selling laptop, featuring new on-screen technology for a sharp image and faster playback.


How much will the iPad 8th generation cost?

It will be launched this Friday, September 18, starting from 329 USD.


iPad 8th generation

Allows you to transfer handwritten texts to automatic texts in documents:


The tool of ‘creativity’ with its pen, ideal for designers, animators …


10 years after the launch of the first iPad, Apple celebrates the new update with the 8th generation iPad with the same surface but advanced technology.

“It is 2 times faster than Microsoft’s best-selling tablet,” they say.


When will the Apple Watch Series 6 be available?

Apple Watch series 6 and Apple Watch SE will be available to the market starting this Friday, September 18.

Apple ONE

A package that offers all Apple services together; Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News +, Apple Fitness + and more.


Apple Fitness +

Apple launches its new section of directed ‘Fitness’ routines with music in the background, which is connected from an iPhone or Apple Watch that registers physical activity; It will be available at the end of the year and for those who purchase the new Apple Watch series 6 will have three months of free subscription.


Environmentally friendly

The series 6 of the Apple watch is made 100% with recycled products and free of toxic chemicals for the body.

Free of cables, Apple decides to remove the USB connector from the Apple Watch to avoid the release of chemicals when charging.

Apple Watch SE

The same but cheaper …

Apple launches a new version of the Apple Watch for users who want the same features, but with a more affordable price …



Now Apple Watch can be used with the ‘family’ configuration, which allows connecting different watch users from a single iPhone.


What’s new in the Apple Watch will be 6

Hygiene skills; The new Apple Watch will monitor the movement of your hands when you are washing them to motivate you to do it faster to clean against the coronavirus …

“This year the Apple Watch takes a wider leap,” mentions the director …

Apple focuses on health with its new model, measuring the oxygen level in your blood in just 6 seconds, in addition to the heart rate, which are indicators of the body’s behavior in the face of the new SARS-COV-2 virus.


Tim Cook presents Apple’s responsibility to contribute to the lifestyle of society with its new products: Apple Watch and iPad.

Thanks to a collaboration with the University of California, the new series 6 will have a control at hand to analyze the system for patients with ASMA.


The new ‘face’ of the Apple Watch

GMT, shows the schedules depending on the area where the carrier is located …

The new Apple Watch presents a new design with interfaces that are adapted to each of its users; colors, flags, memojis and artistic designs …


Comfort in design; The new Apple Watch features a band that can be adjusted to the wrist, without the need to mesh.


Apple Watch and the weather

From your wrist, Apple Watch features allow you to keep up with the weather, notifications, your physical activity, and your favorite music.

“There is no question why Apple Watch is the most beloved watch in the world,” Cook.

Apple Watch technology has supported thousands of people around the world in their daily lives, such as Kate, an Olympic athlete with Type 1 Diabetes, but thanks to the watch, she has been able to keep track of their levels.


James, thanks to the vibration of the watch, could notice that his heart rate was increasing rapidly; At 26 he had a heart attack and thanks to the technology of the ‘apple’ he was able to identify it and save himself.


The impact of COVID-19 has also been identified with new technologies, increasing stress on patients before presenting symptoms …

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