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After last year’s hiatus, we recovered our habit of gathering in a single news item all the film premieres that will take place in our country throughout the summer. A list in which, in addition to the releases in cinemas, for the first time we also include some films that will be released through digital or streaming platforms.

Although we continue to take as a reference Friday, the usual day on which premieres are produced in theaters, the date refers to the entire week (Monday to Sunday) of each Friday. More information in the file of each of the films.

In addition, we also encourage you to participate in our survey on which is the most anticipated film of this newly opened summer of 2021 where yes, only films that are going to be shown in theaters are included (either exclusively or not).

They are not all that they are, but they are all that they are.

(Click on the posters and titles to access their respective tabs)

June 25th

Other premieres: ‘Operation Shrimp‘,’The ninth prophecy‘,’Luke‘,’Where is the catch?‘,’The great way‘,’The shadow‘,’Fathom: Deciphering the Depths‘,’Who is Carlitos?‘.


Other premieres: ‘Amlie‘(re-release),’The theft of the century‘,’4 guys and “This”‘,’The things we say, the things we do‘,’A blues for Tehern‘,’Permanent plant‘,’The traveling saleswoman‘,’United States: The Movie‘,’The street of terror, part 1: 1994‘,’Cowboys‘,’Willy’s wonderland‘.


Other premieres: ‘Miss marx‘,’The woman from spy‘,’The water man‘,’How I became a superhero‘,’The street of terror, part 2: 1978‘.

July 16th

Other premieres: ‘The woman who escaped‘,’Golden arm‘,’The Street of Terror, Part 3: 1666‘.

July 23th

Other premieres: ‘Two‘,’Beyond the shock wave‘,’Rocks‘.


Other premieres: ‘Arcadeology‘,’Where two fit‘,’The last mercenary‘.

6th August

Other premieres:.

August 13

Other premieres: ‘CODA‘.

20th of August

Other premieres: ‘Don’t breathe 2‘.

August 27th

Other premieres: ‘Dirty dancing‘(re-release),’Lansky‘,’Who is who?‘,’Life was that‘.

What is the most anticipated movie of the summer of 2021?
And from September …

… Dates provided by the distributors themselves and subject to possible changes.
This list will be updated throughout the summer depending on possible changes and news.
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