Releases July 2021: Amazon, Filmin and Disney +

With a couple of movies in Premium format, Disney + presents the most similar plans to going to the cinema that you have this month of July (without going to the cinema). But it is not the only platform that does it: Amazon Prime Video recovers a film that Paramount has not been able to release in theaters and Filmin proposes trips in time that were widely celebrated in Sitges. Dive into all this and much more in our selection of films and series for July.

Amazon Prime Video: New Movies, Series and Documentaries

‘The war of tomorrow’

A bit in the style of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, but with a less labyrinthine plot, this ‘War of Tomorrow’ is one of Amazon’s big bets for this summer, a film that Paramount, its original production company, was going to release to theaters last year. The pandemic thwarted their plans and finally, Amazon Prime Video will be in charge of premiering this adventure in which Chris Pratt is a present day soldier who is part of a battalion selected by the land army … from 2051, where a battle has been lost against alien invaders.

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Disney +: new movies, series and documentaries

Black widow

At the same time, Disney + ‘Black Widow’ arrives in theaters, in a premium format (that is, paying an extra to the monthly fee) and like the other great Disney premiere of the month, ‘Jungle Cruise’. The MCU’s return to feature films stars Johansson’s Black Widow, in a story that mixes family reunions, spy movie airs and a villain inspired by Harvey Weinstein.

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Filmin: new films, series and documentaries


With a couple of terrific actors leading the cast (Dylan O’Brien -‘The Maze Runner ‘and Maika Monroe -‘It Follows’-) this time travel thriller opens when a young man discovers a drug called Mercury that allows him to move to the past and the future. The problem is when reality begins to distort and the timelines intermingle with each other.

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