Release Date For “No More Heroes 3” Announced

No More Heroes 3 Date Announced | Nintendo

The release date of “No More Heroes 3” was finally confirmed during the presentation of Nintendo Direct on February 17.

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The game that will see the killer antihero Travis Touchdown fight a race of aliens Superheros to prevent them from taking over the land, follows a similar structure to the previous entries. Travis must pay a hefty entrance fee doing odd jobs around town before he can challenge every galactic opponent.

In addition to wielding the characteristic Beam Katana, for the first time, Players will also be able to wear Travis’s Death Glove to activate a variety of skills in battle.

There will also be a customizable skill tree so that each player can adapt the skills to their style of play.

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« No More Heores 3 » was previously delayed from its 2020 release. But Grasshopper Manufacture’s action sequel finally It will arrive on August 27 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Last year, Nintendo Switch owners they enjoyed HD versions of “No More Heroes 1 and 2”.