Relay2 lands in EMEA with sysob | News | Connectivity

Relay2, a provider of cloud-managed Wi-Fi networks and edge content hosting platform based in California (United States) has just signed a distribution agreement with the German wholesaler sysob for landing in EMEA.

Under the new agreement, sysob will expand its Wi-Fi portfolio to offer the manufacturer’s smart solutions to people, businesses, devices and IoT applications. The company offers a wireless solution along with integrated storage and processing to create a cloud-managed local edge computing system.

Relay2 lands in EMEA with sysob.

Relay2 solutions consist of a combination of hardware in the form of intelligent APs and cloud services, Cloud Managed Services (CMS) with intelligence in AI-enabled Wi-Fi Virtual Wireless Technology (VWE). The cloud platform is used to manage the access points and their smart edge services. Thanks to robust hardware, these APs can not only deploy and manage wireless networks, but also run containerized applications directly on the device. This makes it possible, for example, to configure and control wireless IoT environments. Although they are connected to the cloud, the data is processed directly at the access points. With a capacity of individual storage up to 1 TB, these products also make them suitable for applications with high volumes of data, such as multimedia.

The platform can use Docker containers to host applications, providing a familiar and developer-friendly environment for building edge applications that run on Relay2 smart access points. Additionally, it integrates Kubernetes with the Converged Edge platform, enabling containerized edge applications to be deployed and managed from the cloud quickly, dynamically, and automatically.

With this provider’s proposal, Wi-Fi APs serve as a local edge server. This will provide benefits to many companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Compared to uploading all business data to the cloud, cloud usage and network communication fees can be greatly reduced. Also, because it is a network device, it can be easily linked with existing PCs and smart devices in the corporate environment.

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