Have you ever wondered what COVID-19 sounds like? Neither do we, but strangely we already have the answer … In a new research paper, an American scientist has created a musical representation of the coronavirus. And no, the “Cumbia del Coronavirus” did not come out.

The song was created by Markus J. Buehler, a McAfee engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and also composer of experimental, classical and electronic music. So complementing her passions, today she shares something truly unusual with the world.

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Arriving on his Soundcloud page last month, Buehler shared the song titled “Coronavirus Spike Protein Viral Counterpoint.” A name as rare as the song itself, which some people and media like NME have compared to sounds like that of Four Tet and Bjork. In the song’s description, Buehler explains a little how he could make this virus sound:

“While we cannot see small nanoscopic objects like proteins or other molecules that make up virtually all living matter, including our cells, tissues, and pathogens like viruses, our computational algorithm allows us to make their material manifestation audible. ANDThis piece is a musical representation of the amino acid sequence and structure of the spike protein of the COVID-19 ″ pathogen..

For you to understand a little better (or less worse) what Markus J. Buehler did was to gather a Japanese 13-string koto, bells and flutes, and from there, the movement of each amino acid was represented by a different note. Meanwhile, the molecular vibration is represented by changing melodies that represent the hierarchical geometry of the protein. That is, its movement and vibrations were combined with notes and progressions that resulted in the? Relaxing? Sinister? almost two-hour song “Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein”.

Photo: Special

As an interesting reflection, the engineer / musician ended by saying: “This musical art teaches us something about the fine line between the beauty of life and death as an opposite pole. As you listen to the protein, you will find that the intricate design produces incredibly interesting and truly enjoyable and relaxing sounds. ”. Here we leave the song for you to relax to the rhythm of the coronavirus: