ECATEPEC – At least two groups of people attacked medical personnel at a hospital in this municipality bordering Mexico City on the grounds that they had no information about their sick and hospitalized relatives in one of the so-called COVID-19 hospitals.

The Government of the State of Mexico confirmed this Saturday what happened on Saturday night, when several people who had been waiting for reports from their patients for five days reacted to the lack of response from hospital staff.

According to versions of the dissatisfaction, at first they were told that their relatives were fine, and they were even walking, but hours later they were told that they had already died.

Images circulating on social networks show how relatives move within the facilities of the General Hospital Las Américas, until they reach an area where several bodies are seen in mortuary bags, one of them partially discovered, while claiming medical personnel for care what did you recieve.

According to the state government, the relatives attacked a doctor, three security guards and a staff from the hospital’s administrative area.

A hospital in Mexico implemented this method.

The director of that hospital, Josué López Vázquez, called the security forces and around 60 municipal, state police and later National Guard personnel arrived to protect the entrances.

The government of the State of Mexico reported that two people died during the afternoon shift at the hospital, and by informing family members of this, anger was caused by the others and they were forced to enter their facilities.

So far, no federal government health or safety authority has released a version of the handling of dead bodies in that hospital.

“My son was fine, we have a photo of how he was fine last night, I went to look for him, I uncapped my son’s bag to check if it was and my son was hot.

“The only thing that I demand is that they give me the whole body, I do not want it bagged and that ashes, I want my whole son,” María Dolores Carrillo told Grupo Imagen.

“For the people who are here, we want them to give us the complete bodies because we know that there is no COVID, my son was injected, I think to kill him,” he added.

The Mexican government has condemned violence against medical personnel who care for those infected with coronavirus in the country.

Sergio Cruz, another of the protesters interviewed by the same chain, explained that they decided to enter the hospital because they were first told that their patient was well, but three hours later he had already died.

“They are under a green cape, about 25 or 30 bodies piled up,” he said.

The attack on medical personnel is not the first in the country, where cases have occurred in several states since the authorities decreed a state of sanitary emergency due to the coronavirus.

The health authorities make constant calls to the public not to attack the doctors in the country.