Reina Letizia celebrates her 16th wedding anniversary; the love story continues | Instagram

Reina Letizia celebrates her 16th wedding anniversary; the love story continues. The couple does not want to put aside their real tasks, less after they some activities have started to take place in Spain after the confinement has been lifted, so you will spend the day at your residence, but let’s remember the story a bit.

This love story It began when Queen Letizia was working as a journalist for Spanish television and attended a dinner organized by the journalist Pedro Erquicia, which would cover some issues in Iraq, by then Leticia had already covered news in different parts of the world.

Being the youngest of the dinner the King Philip and Queen Letizia They talked and it was rumored that the chemistry started from there, the couple kept their relationship with discretion, especially since the also journalist was divorced. The news about their engagement announced on November 1, 2003 surprised everyone.

On May 22, 2004 the couple married in the Almudena Cathedral of Madrid in a huge and historic wedding that was televised by all the national media and which was attended by thousands of Spanish citizens who came to congratulate the couple despite the rains, filling the streets with umbrellas.

The wedding had around 1500 guests, among which 12 ruling and 12 non-ruling royal houses stood out, the Queen Sofia She was a godmother of marriage.The event was something historic and was celebrated with great pomp for what has been left for posterity in different recordings and videos.

As a result of the union between Queen Letizia and King Felipe they have fathered two daughters, the direct successor to the throne Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia. This love story that began with a journalist and the prince of Spain has become one of the favorites and everything seems to indicate that love will continue for many more years.

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