Registration tax collection triples in May compared to 2020

Raising 60 million



Updated on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 – 14:09

So far this year, the average price of the vehicles sold is 20,305 euros,6.9% more than last year.

The registration tax, a rate that is transferred to the autonomous communities, contributed a total of 60.06 million euros in the month of May to the public coffers, which means tripling the income that the administrations obtained from this tribute in the same month of 2020.

According to data from the Tax Agency, so far this year, 267.16 million euros have been collected for this concept, 126% more than the 118.18 million euros between January and May of the previous year. Among the causes of this increase in collection is the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, which caused a closing of dealerships between the months of March and May 2020, which motivated one of the registrations never seen in the Spanish historical series.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, the new, more stringent WLTP emission regulations, so that the vehicles homologate more emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). However, the registration tax was not adapted to this new legislation, which made more models pay this fee when purchased.

Figures from the Tax Agency also indicate that the average amount to pay for each vehicle was 719 euros in May, 46.7% more, and 790 euros so far this year, double that in the first five months of 2020.

Rising price

Among other data, the average price of vehicles delivered in Spain in the month of May, including the registration tax, was 20,326 euros, 1.3% ms. So far this year, the price remains at 20,305 euros, 6.9% more. In addition, the total value of the new models marketed in the Spanish market last month reached 1,637 million euros, 110% more.

Since January, cars have been sold in Spain for a value of 6,603 million, 18.6% more. For its part, the average CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled was 125 grams in May, nine grams more than in the same month of 2020, as well as 128 grams so far this year, 13 more than between January and May of the year past.

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