My Movistar is Movistar’s private customer service area. This service is available through the web and through an application available for iOS and Android. Normally, users link the use of this service with their mobile phone, since the most common steps are to check consumption or contract additional data vouchers. However, it is a comprehensive support tool for all of the operator’s clients. Therefore, today we are going to see how we can register and access My Movistar no mobile phone line.

Through the My Movistar service we will be able to manage our lines quickly. Although there are quite a few options available to us, the blue operator explains that these are the 5 steps most used:

Detail of consumption of each line. Check the invoice. Change of direct debit. Remember my PUK code. Change of ownership of a line.

The ways to access to My Movistar from our devices are:

With password (If we access with password, we have to enter the holder’s NIF, CIF, Residence Card or Passport. The password is the same that we use in With mobile number: Mobile Connect. Connected to the 3G / 4G mobile data network. (not available in all cases)

Access to My Movistar without mobile

But how do I register and access without having a mobile? Well, the operator has taken advantage of the question of one of its clients to clarify all doubts. The first thing is to access the My Movistar website to get a new access password. There we must enter the identification document customer staff.

Then it will be the turn to enter the landline or mobile phone that we have as Movistar clients. In this case, we will introduce the landline since we seek to register without having a mobile phone. It will be enough to follow the steps to get a new password, taking into account that the access user will be the DNI or equivalent.

We can also get the password via email or receiving a call to permanent, after entering the identification document and then clicking on “next”. We can do this from this link.

Be that as it may, we must make it clear that it is perfectly possible to access My Movistar without having a mobile number since we can register with the landline number. This is especially interesting for customers of broadband, such as those who are now betting on Movistar Conecta.