Registers 754 new infections and 76 deaths

Millennium Digital

Guadalajara / 02.18.2021 23:33:53

The Jalisco Health Secretariat registered 754 new infections of coronavirus with which they accumulate 216 thousand 515 confirmed cases throughout the State, it also notified 76 deaths with which the entity reaches 9,921 dead.

As a follow-up to the analysis in four samples from the University of Guadalajara, where the E484K mutation was detected, the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) informed the SSJ that phylogenomic and lineage assignment studies were carried out; where it is reported that the samples belong to variant P.2 (this variant circulates throughout Brazil since April 2020 and presented an increase in December of the same year).

Likewise, they detail that mutations are not bad in themselves, they are common in viruses, but there may come a point where they find an ideal combination to facilitate their entry with their host and escape to the immune system, that is when the mutation becomes importance in public health.

The Health department also reported that more than 50 percent of the health personnel waiting for the second dose were vaccinated against covid-19, thus completing their vaccination schedule. From an early hour, the workers who directly care for patients with this disease, went to the medical units.

To date, the 125 municipalities of Jalisco have confirmed cases; Of these, 91 municipalities with active cases are reported, that is, those with SARS-CoV-2 positive people who started with symptoms of the disease in the last fourteen days.

Adding up the negative results reported by all the laboratories, in Jalisco 400 thousand 616 cases have been ruled out to date and 21 thousand 891 cases have been suspected.