Regional economies seek to extend deduction from withholdings

The Argentine Agroindustrial Council (CAA) held a new meeting with national authorities to extend the reduction in export duties to regional economies. As explained by spokespersons from that space to BAE BusinessWe are working on a series of adjustments that will not have a significant fiscal cost and will not affect internal consumption, as they are agro-industrial products that are not part of the basic basket. These points are central, in the context of a National government that seeks to rebuild the currency level and generate agreements to curb the price of food.

On the last day of 2020, a decree was published, which eliminated the export duties of various items linked to regional economies, which were taxed at 5%. Some of the production chains that benefited include activities such as alfalfa, Fresh fruits Y dried, confectionery sunflower, vegetables, Y olive tree.

Although the agribusiness recognized this effort by the ruling party, they stressed that there are other value chains that maintain withholdings between 5% and 12%, as the cases of cotton, rice, sugar, dairy products Y wine. According to official estimates, in the next four years, exports from regional economies should generate additional foreign exchange for up to $ 600 million.

« We will work in a specific way, sector by sector, » acknowledged spokespersons for the agro-industrial chain after the meeting with national authorities. A review of the activities present at the meeting allows us to infer where the efforts of the private sector are pointing to reduce or cancel export duties. Together with officials from the portfolios of Economy, Productive development, farming Y Customss, representatives of the value chains of the rice, sugar, sunflower, egg, dairy products, forest, dad Y wine.

According to statistics from government, this link directly involves 192,000 workers throughout the national territory, which represents 41% of employment in the food and beverage industry. For his part, CAA It also exhibited strong figures on this link and calculated that exports from regional economies represented 19% of total agribusiness sales in 2020, which are led by the soybean complex, with 43%.