Regé-Jean Page refused to return to ‘The Bridgertons’ at $ 50,000 per episode

To the shock of the fans of ‘The Bridgertons’, the Netflix series that became a phenomenon last Christmas has already lost one of its main stars. Regé-Jean Page, who played Simon Basset in the show’s first season, will not be returning in season two. Although it was known that each season, like the books the series is based on, would be centered on one of the Bridgerton family members, it was assumed that both he and Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) would make an appearance.

We now know from the Hollywood Reporter that he offered Page to return as a guest star in “three to five episodes” of the second season, and that he would charge $ 50,000 per episode.. The actor declined the offer. He had already explained that if he had accepted the role of the Duke of Hastings it was because it was a one-season contract, with “beginning, middle and end”.

The Briton had only signed for that season because he prefers to take his career to other projects and not get stuck in one, although the series team leaves the door open for him to return if he wants to later. In recent months he has accepted roles in ‘The Gray Man’, Netflix’s most expensive movie alongside Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas, and in the new adaptation of ‘Dragons and dungeons’. He has also become one of the most mentioned actors in the pools to embody the new James Bond, but in that regard he has become interesting in a recent interview with the Mirror (via Yahoo!): “Ah, the word with B. I think if you’re British and you do anything notorious that people see, people will start talking. It’s quite normal and I’m flattered to be in the category of British notorious to people. The concept of having plans right now of the story is hilarious. I’ve stopped trying to make them. “

Superman’s grandfather, black? No way!

Regé-Jean Page has also made headlines recently because he is mentioned in a Hollywood Reporter report in which Ray Fisher details his entire confrontation with Joss Whedon and the leadership of Warner Bros. and DC during the filming of ‘Justice League’. One of the main complaints of the actor who played Cyborg is that many of the decisions made had a certain racist stink. In the report it is said that Regé-Jean Page did the casting to play Superman’s grandfather in ‘Krypton’ (which has nothing to do with the DC universe of the movies), because the creators of the series wanted to try with a ” non-traditional casting “for the role. Geoff Johns, who was in charge of the DC universe at the time, threw the idea at them arguing that Superman’s grandfather couldn’t be black.. Johns defended himself through his spokesmen saying that the decision was made because fans would expect someone who looked like Henry Cavill and recalled that he promoted a lot of racial and LGTBQ diversity in DC comics in the years he was in charge of the editorial. The report assures that they also offered to include an LGTBQ superhero in ‘Krypton’ and also refused.

The second season of ‘The Bridgertons’ has already started production in London and will soon premiere on Netflix. This time the protagonist will be Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest of the brothers, played by Jonathan Bailey.