Reg-Jean Page star in the return of ‘The Saint’

Following his breakout role on the hit Netflix series ‘The Bridgertons’, Deadline reports that actor Reg-Jean Pages will be the lead and executive producer of a new version of‘The Saint’. Paramount Pictures back the film which in 2020 was said to be directed by Dexter Fletcher (‘Rocketman’) and starring Chris Pine (‘Wonder Woman’), both outside the project.

Lorenzo DiBonaventura, Brad Krevoy and Robert Evans will produce the film from a script by Kwame Kwei-Armah. Although we talk about an adapted story on different occasions, the half-advance that this reboot will be a completely new version, a complete reinvention of both the character and the world around him. Other details such as the director are unknown at this time.

The film will be based on the works of Leslie Charteris, where the main character is Simon Templar, a kind of modern Robin Hood. Its international success came from the hand of television with the series ‘The Saint’, starring Roger Moore between 1962 and 1969. This series had 118 episodes, many of them based on the stories of Charteris, although they also arose from of original scripts.

Already in 1997, ‘El Santo’ was taken to the big screen under the direction of Phillip Noyce and the protagonist of Val Kilmer. Criticism was not very favorable to this film, although it ended up grossing 118 million dollars worldwide for a budget of 68 million.

Lastly, and just a few years ago, the character had an attempted reboot as a television series. There was even a pilot directed by Simon West (‘With Air’) and starring Adam Raynery and Eliza Dushku, although the series did not come true.

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