Referee Néstor Pitana’s wife received threats after Brazil vs. Colombia

While her husband was much discussed in the world for an arbitration decision, Romina Ortega received calls with unpleasant content in the following hours. He immediately had to appeal to file the complaint with the relevant authorities, while Nestor Pitana was harshly criticized in the midst of America Cup.

What happened in Brazil vs. Colombia, specifically in the first goal of the locals, created a momentous controversy. The Colombians are frustrated because they saw the possibility of winning the match very closely.

In the Blu Radio Sports Blog program, they reported that the police had to guard Ms. Ortega’s home, located in the province of Misiones, in the city of Posadas in Argentina.

She received images with weapons and threats about their use against her and her two children. Also aberrant messages and anonymous calls to disturb her.

Romina is an influencer in Argentina

“Why is your husband a rat?” They wrote to him in intagram. She with subtlety and politeness replied: “Do not spend yourselves in insults. Thank God I had parents who taught me to respect. For me, the refereeing was perfect. You play on the field ”.

As revealed by Clarín that the request for protection was made by Romina with the help of Guillermo Marconi. This is a representative of the guild of referees to which Pitana belongs. “I want to highlight the excellent containment and the immediate response of the authorities, who put the wife and children of Pitana, who is in Brazil, in the ‘bubble’ armed with the rest of the referees,” said Marconi.

She is a woman very followed in Argentina for her activity in social networks, she has been married to Pitana for a decade. She reaches the point of being an influencer because of her beauty. He boasts about 178K followers on his instagram account, but he had to make his @romiortega account private. Also an account on OnlyFans.

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