Referees or referees are not spared from criticism or praise. They do not usually attract attention but it is not strange that one is talked about for days due to their performance at an event. And it is usually done when you make a mistake, or a supposed mistake. But now we are talking about one who did an action that has amazed everyone MMA.

Referee goes viral by saving fighter

So much so that the video, or the videos, are running like wildfire. We talk about the following. As we see, one of the two fighters falls knocked out on the canvas and the referee throws himself at the same time to prevent his head from hitting the floor, possibly saving him from further damage beyond punches.

We do not want to overlook this action because most of the time, as we have said, referees (in general, from all over the world) are talked about when they do something wrong, or that seems wrong to many people. And so when something positive happens we have to mention it. Surely the fighter thanked him when he recovered.

Readers, What do you think of this move by the referee to save the fighter?

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