Reduce members of councils, an act of justice: Higinio Martínez

Recognition of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) to the initiative approved by the majority of the deputies of the Mexico state to lower the number of members in the councils, is a true act of justice and legality, said the senator Higinio Martínez Miranda.

He explained that the initiative that last August 2020 presented in the Mexican Congress and that was approved by a majority, implies the reduction of members of the council, which would allow savings for municipal governments that can be applied in other areas such as works and services.

The senator gave the municipality of Texcoco, which has 15 members of the council but according to the new proposal already approved not only from the congress if not ratified by the SCJN, would go to 11 council members, in Chiconcuac from 12 to nine.

After being decisive, the senator recalled that the BREAD and the PRD who opposed his proposal and the decision of the Mexican congress « lost because of their ambition to have more and more people on the payroll instead of dedicating it to the needs of the municipalities, ”said the senator.

Martínez Miranda pointed out that the Supreme Court’s resolution was given in response to an appeal of unconstitutionality by the National Action Party headed by its National leader and his Mexican boys supported by the PRD.

He recalled the disagreement of the PAN and PRD leaders, due to the decision of the Mexican legislature to reduce the costs generated by a mayor in the Mexico state and the obstruction of the operation of the council due to the excessive number of its members, “however today with the resolution of the SCJN, it becomes clear that they were not right ”.

He added that the annoyance, disagreement and the unconstitutionality action presented by the PAN members was not in itself what was approved by the Mexican legislators. « It was fundamentally due to the initiative that I presented and that they, in their petty and partisan position, could not accept that the brunette senator would come forward and remain as the architect of this great reform. »

With this, Senator Martínez Miranda considered that the PAN lost again in the Mexico state. It is evident that, although their purpose was that Higinio Martínez’s proposal would not prosper, deep down they opposed it because they do not like to work with austerity.

« For them, it is preferable to have places for friends, family members and members of their party instead of allocating that money to benefit the community, » said the senator.

According to the expense calculations that are generated in the council, among which are from their salary, office expenses, equipment and personnel, the savings would be between 1,500 and 1,800 million pesos annually in the Mexico state, just to reduce the number of Trustees and Councilors.

He assured that these calculations lead us to at least savings of more than one billion pesos per year. That is what will be saved today in the State of Mexico by reducing the number of councilors and trustees.

Higinio Martínez Miranda noted that once the initiative to reduce the number of trustees and councilors in municipal councils was approved by a majority in congress and its constitutionality ratified in the SCJN, It is necessary that it be taken as a basis for the federal congress to take it to the congresses of all the states and that this initiative be applied throughout the country, which will reduce spending in all municipalities and states of the country.