One of the cheapest NFC phones

Until recently it was surprising to find a mobile of 200 euros or less with an NFC chip for mobile payments, something that has already been completely overcome. Now the jump has reached the devices of less than 150 euros.

The proof of this is that this Redmi 9 does have NFC, so you can use it to pay in stores without any problem, using Google Pay or your bank’s application if you prefer.

Little by little, this form of payment has become standardized internationally, so you can now use it in almost any store without too many problems, a versatile option that avoids having to draw your card or use cash.

Keeps the microSD

The best microSD cards: the fastest, capacity and performance quality / price


For several years now, it is less and less frequent to find mobiles that support microSD expansion. It is true that the normal thing is to see devices that come with a minimum of 128GB, at least in the mid-range, more than enough capacity.

Having said that, As the Redmi 9 has only 32GB of capacity (64GB if you opt for the more expensive version), it is useful to be able to insert a memory card in order to store more files, such as photos, videos or even applications.

Then it is up to you to choose a memory card compatible with your mobile and that is as fast as possible.

Good hardware in general

Here you can see all the technical specifications of the Redmi 9, although in general terms it can be said that it equips better hardware than one would expect from such a cheap mobile.

The Helio G80 is a processor that we have already tested on other entry-level phones and that provides sufficient fluidity for day-to-day life, without slowdowns and lag. In addition, it has a Full HD + screen, something unthinkable until recently in the input range.

If we add to that the NFC chip or fast charging, we have a practically round mobile, with a single notable problem: it does not have WiFi AC, so you can only connect to 2.4 GHz networks.

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