Redemption: Luis Castillo’s pitching jewel

Castillo recovered from a difficult debut.

Photo: Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

Opening Day was not pretty for him Dominican Luis Castillo. But the Baní native quickly corrected his mistakes for the second presentation. This Wednesday had an ace opening and took the victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates, whom the Cincinnati Reds beat 11-4.

Luis Castillo he fought seven innings, allowing only four hits. He walked and struck out five opponents. Zero runs allowed. Absolute control on the mound of Great American Ball Park.

His team backed him up early with five touchdowns. Thus, “La Piedra” was able to work much more comfortably. In the fifth inning Cincinnati added three more lines. With the score 8-0, Castillo knew that victory would be his.

He was surprised not to see him continue after seven innings in which Pittsburgh had not seen the light. Everything indicated that a complete game was possible, but it was not. Probably to take care of his arm – although he made only 81 pitches – Cincinnati pulled him off the mound and gave the pass to Lucas Sims.

The Dominican has a 1-1 record with a 6.97 ERA. His next start is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, at the home of the San Francisco Giants.