The online forum portal and news aggregator Reddit announced on Monday the closure of its most popular group in support of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, for hosting « hate speeches » and « harassing other communities » on the platform.

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He forum « r / The_Donald », which has more than 790,000 users, was thus banned after it was « quarantined » just a year ago, and after being the focus of multiple controversies for racist, sexist conversations taking place in it and xenophobes.

« All the communities in Reddit they must respect our content policy in good faith. We closed ‘r / The_Donald’ because it has not, despite having given them every opportunity, « the managers of the company in San Francisco (California, USA) indicated in a message on the platform.

According Reddit, the community regulations that users of the forum Trump supporters are those who prohibit the promotion of hateful attitudes « based on identity or vulnerability, » as well as « attempts to interfere with other communities in bad faith. »

In « r / The_Donald », Internet users share messages, videos and memes about Trump and US politics that often end up going viral on other internet platforms.

Next to this forum, the platform announced the closure of another 2,000 groups for similar reasons (most of which have little or no activity), although the case of « r / ChapoTrapHouse » stands out, with 160,000 users and a leftist tendency.

In June 2019, « r / The_Donald » was already « quarantined », the company assuring that its users had violated the terms of use by inciting violence against the Police.

The messages that Reddit On that occasion, he considered « threatening » and contrary to his regulations of use corresponded to the controversy unleashed in the state of Oregon, where a bitter confrontation arose between Democrats and Republicans over the approval of a law to fight against climate change.

Put the forum quarantined meant reducing the group’s public exposure and restricting their appearance in search results and recommendations.