The Twitch video service has suspended an account of the campaign for the reelection of US President Donald Trump for failing to comply with its policies on “hate speech”. Similarly, the news aggregator Reddit has suspended 2,000 communities, including the popular The_Donald, which has some 700,000 users.

Twitch, a platform popular with Amazon-owned game users, has reported in a statement that “Hateful behavior is not allowed.”

“In accordance with our policies, President Trump’s channel has received a temporary suspension from Twitch for comments made on the broadcast. Offensive content has been removed“The company has indicated through a spokesperson in declarations on condition of anonymity to CNN.

Specifically, they refer to a video of the 2016 electoral campaign in which Trump calls Mexicans “rapists and criminals”. The video had recently been posted again on Trump’s Twitch channel. A second video corresponds to the last act of Trump’s campaign, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the president hypothetically spoke of “a very hard ‘man’ (in Spanish)” breaking into the house of “a young woman”.

For its part, Reddit has updated this Monday its policy against hate speech and has prohibited some 2,000 communities or ‘subreddits’, including the popular The_Donald, which it has about 700,000 users, although its greatest activity dates from the 2016 electoral campaign.

The new policy explicitly prohibits ‘subreddits’ and users who “foster hate based on identity or vulnerability.” “All Reddit communities must adhere to our content policy in good faith. We have banned r / The_Donald because he has not, despite having many opportunities, “explained the company.

Of the 2,000 banned ‘subreddits’, only 200 had more than ten daily users. Among them are r / ChapoTrapHouse, a forum dedicated to the left podcast of the same name.